Friday, April 9, 2010

I must be going blind... or crazy!

I was driving to work this morning (on the phone with my sister, don't worry, hands free of course) when I saw a horse behind a fence and I could have sworn it was a deer! Yeah a huge deer but that is what I saw at first.
Well this jogged my memory of an event that happened on Wed. I was out walking in the neighborhood with the two kiddos in the stroller when out of the corner of my eye I see something. I immediately went into mama bear mode thinking to myself, just throw your body on top on the stroller and cover the kids.
Yes my friends I thought I giant dog was chasing me, until I realized that it was a child running down the sidewalk that was most likely not any older than 7! Oh mama bear protect your children from that vicious 7 year old boy running down the street. Thankfully I did not throw myself on them, I am sure that my body weight would have caused some damage to the stroller and to my children!
So I am either going blind or crazy!

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