Sunday, January 30, 2011

Two Thoughts

I realized two things when I went out for a run today.
These two things are aside from the fact that it feels like forever since I have run outside.
First: Why is it that when it snows (more than just a dusting) it seems that the dogs in my neighborhood take their business to the street?  I will cut the owners slack because the sidewalks are not consistently clear, one person will have a clear sidewalk the next... No so much!.  I am not saying that this does not happen when there is no snow on the ground, it does, but I have noticed that when it snows, it is FAR worse.  I honestly felt like I was running through land minds today trying to avoid stepping on a steaming bomb!
Second: I really need to update my music on my MP3 player.  As I was running (snow on the ground), I realized all my songs are country songs that talk about summer.  I wanted to stop half way through my run and ring the nearest door bell and ask them to crack me open a beer.  (I guess that is what you get for putting "Redneck Yacht Club" on your MP3...
I need some new music suggestions.
Please HELP! 

Friday, January 28, 2011


This is a response to one of my comments from PINT. 

Comment: "Are you haveing an affair?"

Answer: YES

Really it is my husbands fault. 
He was the one that introduced us. 
He is accepting of it. 
So yes, he knows. 
The kids know too. 
Bear doesn't have a problem with.  The way he sees it, well, let's be honest, it benefits him as well.
P-nut has no clue, she hasn't been able to really see the benefits since she is so young.
It all started before the holiday's. 
My husband came home from work and introduced us.
Then we met, there was some problems at first, but after all that got cleared up it has been a beautiful thing.  At least from my mind.
Sometimes my husband gets concerned when he sees a charge on his cc that he didn't make, but then he realizes it was me and my lover.
Well, here is my lover...

My Nook color

It was a Christmas gift and I love it!
My husband says he never should have introduced this things to me.
It was one of those gifts that I was interested in but didn't realize how much I would love it until I used it.  This is the second one, the original one was a "defect" and Barnes and Nobles replaced it. 
So far I have read a ton.  Well as much as you can read when working full time and being a mom!
Bear loves that it can reads to him.  It was very handy while waiting at Urgent Care.

Now if only I could find a friend who has one so I can use the Lend Me feature!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monday, January 24, 2011

Out From My Cave

I have come out of my cave.  It has been 1 month since my last post.  I say with hesitation, the crud has left my house.  It has been one constant snot and cough fest at the Go Mommy household since three days before Christmas.  The crud left us with a trip to Urgent Care in NY and a cough that I still have.  No fun!
So I am out of my cave.  During the crud infestation I didn't have any energy to hope on and write.  I DID lurk around my favorite blogs, but I did remain silent (no comments) sorry, I just did not have the mental capacity to think of anything to say.  As hubs said to me, he hasn't seen me that sick for as long as he has known me, and in truth, the cold wasn't THAT bad.  It did take a lot out of me and I chose my bed at night over anything else.  So not me (well unless I was choosing my bed because of who was in it).