Thursday, May 17, 2012


This is a long post...  It has been the past few months of random thoughts and writings that I have done on my computer just never put out there.

I might have just pee’d myself at work. Okay, I know I didn’t but I almost did. I have my office door closed, back to it, stuffing my face with apple slices covered in Sunbutter. It is sad, I have my pointer finger covered in Sunbutter to try to get every last amount out… Why did I almost pee myself… A kid threw a soccer ball into my office door “on accident” and it scared me, at least I didn’t drop my Sunbutter. I am attempting to eat it all before my co-worker comes back in here after his class, I would hate to see him witness me licking the inside on my Tupperware to get the last drop of the good stuff. Pregnant or not, it is not a pretty sight…

I am 29+ weeks pregnant with baby number 3 (6th pregnancy). This week I have just hit my pre-conception weight from baby number 2. I am okay with this, I am pregnant gaining weight is what is supposed to happen. However I have found it to be hard this time. Not the gaining part, that is easy. What I find hard is seeing the numbers go up. Please don’t think I am some crazy lady! I know that you are. I know that I will take off what I put on after I have the baby (and recover) maybe it is that I just can’t help the fact that I can’t get what was said at my last OB appointment out of my head. Dr says “Oh, you only gained two pounds this month… Watch your weight you don’t want to gain too much, hey, you only gained two pounds”. I am sorry but I don’t know what that means… Was I overweight to start with? Was another Dr. not telling me at a previous appointment that may ass was getting to large? Of course that goes along with my son saying to me “mommy I know your tummy is supposed to get bigger with the baby, but what is going on with your butt”. Yup, out of the mouth of a 5 year old… Well honey Mommy doesn’t have runners butt right now I have had to take some time off from that.

This could be my other cause for unrest… While I was told at the start of my pregnancy to continue on with my exercise routine just scale back to miles so you don’t run more than 1-2 miles at a time. I did this until mid December, then running seemed to make me way to light headed. So I took to walking, then once about week 20 hit it was all downhill. I have become WAY to inconsistent. Life and lethargy consumed my being. I still walk 2-3 days a week and attempt to fit in some light resistance training, but lets’ face it. It ain’t what I had been doing up until October. I hope that I don’t come across as being a whiner, I am truly blessed to be having another child and I love this pregnancy as much as my others. I just thought I would be different, I would be stronger, but as with my previous one’s. I am worried, worried that all is okay and worried that I am going to do something to cause it not to be. I worry, I worry internally. So I am venting it here. To people who don’t know me personally and if you judge me I will most likely not see your face so we are good.

30 Weeks and my first call to the Dr. that was the “I am sure it is nothing but…” has occurred. We had a quiet night on Sunday with the kiddos, we finally got dinner ready and PJ’s on with enough time to actually sit and watch the Newest Muppet Movie, which B kept calling “The Muffets”. It made me smile, however at the same time B decided to crawl across me and dig her elbow in my abdomen. Right where the top of my uterus is now… OUCH! It hurt, I guess my face combined with the speedy in which I flung B off my body told J and Hubs that I wasn’t feeling to good at that moment. I seriously had a pain in that spot for about 1 hour. M was moving around normal and I didn’t have any other signs that something was wrong (aside from the pain that was isolated to the elbowing location). So I watched the movie and went to bed, nope... Didn’t throw hubs a bone. I woke up Monday with no pain, no sign that my little darling had elbowed me in the baby maker. However around lunch time yesterday I had to stop grading my students because I was having this dull pain in the exact spot I was elbowed in. It just came back, out of the blue. So I called the Dr., I assumed it was nothing and as I mentioned earlier, Baby was moving fine and I had no sign anything was wrong so they just said it might be a bruise or a little tender for the next few days. So that was the first “serious” call to the Dr., I have had a few other calls to the Dr. Laugh freely please that is why I am sharing this. As an athlete I knew the answer to it but I guess I needed the Dr. to tell me the answer so I wouldn’t feel weak, what the hell is wrong with me… About week 15 I was getting light headed when running which then started getting lightheaded at week 20 with walking at a good pace. Okay, my knowledge tells me to cut it back, ease off. Yeah, I needed the Dr. to tell me that otherwise, I would have felt like a pussy! So my walks now are more like a little stroll in the park (while pushing 70 lbs. in a double jogging stroller). The second call was to find out if I could get my nose pierced… Yup, while pregnant, if I can’t work out hard then I need to do something to make me feel like a bad ass mommy (never thought those three words would go together did ya’). They said while it was safe, they would most likely make me take it out for the delivery causing the whole to close. I don’t recall removing my earrings for the birth of my daughter so why would I have to take out my nose ring? To be honest, J was an “emergency” c-section and I had my earrings in then too… Maybe I should call my tattoo artist and see if he will do it. Otherwise this mommy will have to stop on the way home from the hospital to get it done .

My 30+ week appointment was today. I am now on the two week appointment plan. The good, EVERYTHING. All looks great, how did I manage as well to loose 3 pounds… Don’t know, don’t care, but I hit up the bagel shop and I hit it hard. Coffee (with sugar and half-n-half), egg sandwich on a bagel for breakfast and a bagel with veggie cream cheese for lunch. I almost feel like I have a race in a few days with the carbo loading I did this morning! But oh how I LOVE this bagel shop. You see, being a Long Island girl moving to the south you just can’t find a good bagel. Let alone a bagel place that will make an egg sandwich the right way or pile WAY TO MUCH CREAM CHEESE onto a bagel. So when I have these before work Dr. appointments I treat myself to the above mentioned Bagel spread. Especially since I live 1 hour away from this lovely place. I know they will know my husband very well when I deliver (this bagel place is down the street from the hospital). It is the only bagel shop that looks like a NY bagel shop, they have random bakery items, multiple kinds of cream cheese (not sold in a prepackaged container) it gets weighted out if you want to take just the cream cheese. Even the man that takes your order is not the most pleasant. He wants your order and no other chit chat, I feel refreshed when I am in there, like I stepped back into NY for a few minutes. I am pretty sure they think I am a wacko because I smile like a kid in a candy store and look like I am on crack, but to a pregnant lady who wants her bagel and to snap into LI mode for a few short minutes, it is heaven.

On to the appointment. Everything looks great. I updated them on my change of hematologists, pee’d in a cup (which one of these times I just want to open the pass threw door where the urine cup goes when they open it on the other side and just say “hey”, see what reaction I get), confirmed my c-section date, paid my out of pocket expenses, and was sent on my merry way.

Hey, there… 33 weeks and the gym was a sauna today. I wish I was kidding. My teaching partner and I were sweating standing still. This is a difficult thing for me to accomplish. I sweat but rarely while standing still. I thought it might just be my internal heater that was set to high, but when I saw D glistening in the florescent lighting I knew it wasn’t me. I was looking around to see when the tropical vegetation was going to sprout and when the tropical birds would take flight. A work order was put in but still… I sit and sweat. Gross! I need to take my friends advice and try out the “Between the Sheets” from Slumber Parties to see if it will reduce under boob sweat!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Finally Friday

It's Finally Friday!  Whoot-whoot! 
I love Friday's, the end of the work week, start of the weekend!
Here is my weekly re-cap (a.k.a. funny crap my kids said):
  • P-nut while sitting in the tub: "mommy, I'm sippin my wine"
  • Bear: "looks like Daddy's dust in the wind"
  • Bear: "run Daddy, P-nut might kick you in the nuts" P-nut while running towards hubs/leg swinging "YEAH, RUN DADDY I'M GUNNA KICK YOU IN THE NUTS"
  • Bear as we are leaving my sisters: "who's car is that (points to a suburban in the driveway) Uncle M's, what, when did he get that?  I didn't see it!?" Ugh...  It was there the whole time not like you could miss a SUBURBAN!?!?!!!
  • Bear: "mommy, I wanna hear the drinking song, Solo Cup-Solo Cup"
  • P-nut: "I don't want that, I wear a bathing suit today" (and she has worn a bathing suit all day today, because I didn't dress her this AM, daycare did guess they didn't want to argue)
More funny crap has happened but it is Friday y'all, I am ready to go home!  ($h_rt, don't tell, not home yet)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

How Do Y'all Get It Done!?

Normally I have it all under control (or at least pretend that I do) but last night it was like a slap in the face that I don't.  Maybe it is just that I am exhausted (oh please be that because I need to feel that I have it under control) it could be right? Right? RIGHT? Just tell me that is what it is!
When I say "under control" I mean that I can get the things done around the house and it doesn't bother me to have to do them.  Like make dinner, clean up the kitchen, fold the laundry, etc.  In truth I should be happy that I need to do them because it means I can feed my family, we have clothes to wear, and well the bigger picture I have these little blessing in my life.
It must be the exhaustion...
I got home from work last night, played with the kids for about 15 minutes then started dinner.  Upon which I ate dinner with the kids (hubs went to Ju-Jit-Su) then cleaned the kitchen, while I cleaned the dinner up/loaded the dishwasher I was filling the tub.  I then got the kids in the tub and took that time to work out.  Yes, I do my resistance training in the bathroom while my kids are in the tub (isn't that what everyone does, note the sarcasm).  After that I read to the kids and the popped on the TV so that I could fold laundry.  Then everyone went to sleep kicking and creaming  blissfully to sleep.  I was able to sit and read for about 30 minutes until hubs came home and I fell asleep  we watch Idol.  Today it is rinse, wash, repeat.  Oh no that isn't correct I got up at 5:45 am to hit the treadmill, my time that I usually zone out, listen to my music, etc., but this morning I watched Tangled.  Yup, P-nut heard the alarm and got up at the same time as me.  I thought hubs would have entertained her but she followed me to the dungeon.  I know, not the end of the world it was nice to have her with me, she talks to me, and apparently some of me has rubbed off because yesterday she stole hubs running shoes, put them on and began to jog in place on the treadmill screaming "I runnin, I win".  Oh the pride I felt!
Maybe what has made me in this funk is that a friend of mine asked if I wanted o use some free passes to check out the new gym that opened by us...  !?  I wouldn't join, so why tease myself.  I wouldn't use the membership, maybe in the summer when I don't work, but not now.  It wouldn't work with my schedule.  I have to squeeze my workouts in when I can.  Sometimes it is 10 minutes here, 20 minutes, 5 minutes.  It is what work for me. 
Apparently I am just in a mood, however, this vent has helped so THANK YOU!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hello Peeps

I realize that many of my followers have forgotten who I am.  That is okay, I expected that, it has been a long time (since August).  I took a break, a real long break.  At first it started off as being crazy busy with the start of the school year, then I just didn't know what direction I was going with my blog.  I feel like that crazy haze has been lifted and a new light has shown (so to speak).  You see I was finding a block between what was in my mind and coming out of my mouth the friends to what I was writing.  I wasn't really writing much of who I am.  Does that make sense?  Maybe yes, maybe no, oh well, it is how I feel so...

I will be more consistent, I got a laptop at home, I got to use it now (wink).