Monday, May 24, 2010

A Quiet Run

I was surprised Sat. morning when my hubby woke up with me and the kiddos. It was nice, I got a run before the day "really" started (before breakfast). I also got to run without a kiddo. While I love talking with my little guy while I run, listening to him say "Go Mommy", "Go Faster", "Don't stop running" (he is very motivating), it was nice to have the time when my mind could just get lost. What did I think about... My kids! I know, I get some time to clear my head and during that time I think of my kids! I also thought about how quiet it was while I was out, of course traffic picked up on the way back (I ran an out and back) so the out was quite, back... Not so much, guess everyone was getting their day started!

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