Sunday, January 30, 2011

Two Thoughts

I realized two things when I went out for a run today.
These two things are aside from the fact that it feels like forever since I have run outside.
First: Why is it that when it snows (more than just a dusting) it seems that the dogs in my neighborhood take their business to the street?  I will cut the owners slack because the sidewalks are not consistently clear, one person will have a clear sidewalk the next... No so much!.  I am not saying that this does not happen when there is no snow on the ground, it does, but I have noticed that when it snows, it is FAR worse.  I honestly felt like I was running through land minds today trying to avoid stepping on a steaming bomb!
Second: I really need to update my music on my MP3 player.  As I was running (snow on the ground), I realized all my songs are country songs that talk about summer.  I wanted to stop half way through my run and ring the nearest door bell and ask them to crack me open a beer.  (I guess that is what you get for putting "Redneck Yacht Club" on your MP3...
I need some new music suggestions.
Please HELP! 

1 comment:

  1. MAybe you should get an IPOD? So easy to update and sync all your Apple electronics in a few easy steps. Oh, right you boycott Apple ;)