Friday, January 27, 2012

Finally Friday

It's Finally Friday!  Whoot-whoot! 
I love Friday's, the end of the work week, start of the weekend!
Here is my weekly re-cap (a.k.a. funny crap my kids said):
  • P-nut while sitting in the tub: "mommy, I'm sippin my wine"
  • Bear: "looks like Daddy's dust in the wind"
  • Bear: "run Daddy, P-nut might kick you in the nuts" P-nut while running towards hubs/leg swinging "YEAH, RUN DADDY I'M GUNNA KICK YOU IN THE NUTS"
  • Bear as we are leaving my sisters: "who's car is that (points to a suburban in the driveway) Uncle M's, what, when did he get that?  I didn't see it!?" Ugh...  It was there the whole time not like you could miss a SUBURBAN!?!?!!!
  • Bear: "mommy, I wanna hear the drinking song, Solo Cup-Solo Cup"
  • P-nut: "I don't want that, I wear a bathing suit today" (and she has worn a bathing suit all day today, because I didn't dress her this AM, daycare did guess they didn't want to argue)
More funny crap has happened but it is Friday y'all, I am ready to go home!  ($h_rt, don't tell, not home yet)

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