Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This Stinks

Literally, my office stinks! Maybe it is me. Yes, I am in my office at 5:12pm... Shh, I am blogging! Anyhow, there is a smell, like sweat, pizza, and yuck! Oh wait, that is right, I was sweating today, I ate pizza a little while ago and well, I share an office with a guy so... there is the yuck! (I kid, he is good when it comes to personal hygiene, always smells like some type of manly deodorant in the AM)
What stinks is that I am at work until 7 pm tonight! This week has been crazy. Hubs and I haven't spent more than 1 hour together (awake) since Saturday and the tail end of the week is not looking any better. So my hopes is that I get home tonight around 7:30, get the kiddos to bed (hubs may get one out but not sure about the other, she is still nursing to sleep) and be able to keep my eyes open to watch Modern Family. I'll let you know how it goes.

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