Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Off the Wagon

I have fallen off the wagon.  (in all forms) I have been having more than a glass of wine way more than multiple times a week, I just polished off a dark chocolate bar (yikes), and workouts have been...  Well, they haven't been. 
But, I have been having a ball!  We spent 1 night/1 day with my sister and her family at their families summer home (it's on a river so we had fun in the sun), then we just returned home from NC.  We went to visit my college roomie!  Her husband is in the Army so we went to visit the base, it was my first time on a military base and it was awesome.  So neat and just incredible.  Bear was so excited to see soldiers, I was in awe just watching his face.  We checked out a children's museum as well.
Here we are, we have already started carb loading for Iron Girl!

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