Friday, June 24, 2011


I look forward to the start of summer...  As a teacher the summer brings me back to when I was younger, the anticipation of all the "summer fun" that is lined up.  As a parent there are other "anticipations" I look forward to that come with summer.  The clothes are lighter (and smaller) so laundry seems to be less, lazy days with a more relaxed bed time, supper sleepy children when bed time roles around, for the most part there is no rushing out the door in the morning and of course I can enjoy a lot of the simple things, you know, because I participate in running through the sprinkler with the kids and not look like a crazy lady.
So now that my Internet is back up (urgh, went down on Tuesday and is finally back up) I have been put back in touch with life (okay that is sad) and back on my blog and catching up on reading blogs :) .
We have had a productive start to summer vacation.  I have organized two children's bed rooms, cleaned my kitchen (that includes organizing the pantry), hubs vacuumed the house, signed the kids up for the summer reading program at the library, played, played, and played some more, have had limited TV time for the kiddos, have been watching True Blood season Three with hubs (we don't get HBO), and are getting ready to have a small get away with my sister and her family.

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