Friday, February 11, 2011

11 Days of Thought

Ha, I was so crazed last week that I didn't even link my PINT to That One Mom!  What the heck?!?!?
Then this week I have been wrapped around work.  Urgh!

Last Tuesday night my sister and I went night skiing together.  I haven't been skiing in 5 years.  Crazy, the first run was great, close to the same exhilaration as a good night in bed with hubs.  (TMI?)

Yesterday I felt like poop at work, literally.  I was also one day late, I thought that I might be pregers I took a pregnancy test (negative).  Guess I know why I felt like poop yesterday, I was exactly 2 days late...  Great, I guess I will start to know the day before my period is actually coming because I will feel like arse the day before!

So thankful it is Friday, PARTY!  Well not really but I will have a party for myself with a bottle of wine tonight.  Oh yeah!

We were supposed to take Bear skiing this weekend, of course hubs car needed some work so...  Out goes the $ and no skiing :(

We are going to do something else for family fun, something less $$.

Here is to my random Friday thoughts.  Have a happy Friday!!!

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