Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Does this happen in everyone's home?

I love the show Raising Hope.  A co-worker told me about it and I am hooked.  Last night in the opening of the show Burt says "Do you think this happens in other people's houses in the middle of the night?".  I laughed because I think that everyday. 
*Okay maybe not so much what happens in the middle of the night but more so everyday*
Last night was "Do you think this happens at dinner in other people's houses?"
Hubs was working out while I was cooking, Bear loves to "work out" with hubs or I.  He is pretty good with resistance bands and canned food (don't ask).  So while hubs was working out Bear was with him.  Hubs finished and came up for dinner with NO shirt on.   Typically full dress is required for meals but last night I guess we were more "no shoe, no shirt, no problem".  Well, like father like son, Bear decides to toss his shirt.  He even pulled his pants down a little because he likes the lower look of jeans (think Abercrombi model).  So the conversation went from how everyone's day was to...
Bear: Hey dad, when I get older I am going to be bigger than you!
Hubs: Oh yeah, then you better eat your broccoli or it might not happen (nicely played dear)
P-Nut: (Throws broccoli at her brother)
B: Hey dad, when I get bigger my man pimples will be like yours, BIG.  (those would be nipples)
H: Only if you eat your fish.  (again nicely played dear)
B: hey mom, the hair on my chest is starting to grow, soon it will be longer than daddy's.  Do you have hair like daddy's?.
Me: No, Mommy doesn't have hair on her chest, it's a man thing.
H: Yeah (I shot the look, I knew where he was going, it would have turned into a run down of who is the hairiest man in the family)
B: One day all of me will be bigger than daddy (I see the hands ready for the pants)
M: Okay, everyone eat with hands on the table or NO dessert!
Oh yeah, my boy is proud of his man parts!  I just hope that these meal time conversations are not in front of guests!~ Or maybe...  It will not only be just pants requiered at the dinner table, SHIRTS will make the list too.


  1. dh and I love that show! I like to think there is craziness in everyone's home.

  2. I have never seen that show. I am going to have to find it. Maybe something to watch while I am doing bike workouts in the mroning!!

    We used to have conversations similar to that and I got fed up one day and yelled out something inappropriate about my sweaty
    _ _ _ _. They have never mentioned their man parts again.