Friday, March 18, 2011

My Car (a.k.a. the nasty mobile)

My car is a kitchen table, cozy napping area, grocery getter, dance floor and bathroom all in one.  Seriously it is.  Until now I have not given up that much of myself to ya'll.  I warn you there are some parts here that will shock you!

I have a long commute so I often eat breakfast in my car.  At any given time you will find at least 3 1 coffee mug with the "ring around the mug" sign of a BIG coffee drinker somewhere in my car.  My car is also the car that we drive mostly when we are all together, so the kids snack in the car.  I removed P-nut's seat last month and found almost a whole bag of Goldfish scattered under her car seat.  I also just removed a cheese stick from the floor of the backseat, which was now hard.

Like many children the minute the car is moving they fall asleep, many lovies have been accidentally left in the car overnight after we come home later than bed time (It doesn't lead to a good morning in our home when you wake up with out your lovie).

We like to jam in the car.  We dance in our seats, it makes the whole car shake (and I drive a minivan).  We listen to anything from Pink to Trace Adkins!  Well and our oh so loved Big Time Rush (sometimes I daydream that James Maslow is hubs) (Just kidding) NOT REALLY!  Sorry, he is young but he is hot!
Now the gross factor!

I keep a bucket in my car (two really), one yellow, one green (can you think of what each is used for?).
Yellow = Pee
Green = Puke
I keep a lot of napkins in my car.
I have wipes/diapers (okay not out of the ordinary I have a little one).
Tampons (I keep these everywhere just in case).
Bags (grocery store/gallon Ziploc=garbage bags)
Gross factor that ALL have been used IN the car!
Here is how:
Puke bucket, it hasn't been used in a while (bite my tongue) but Bear used to be a vomiting child in the car.
Common, now onto the ewe.
If you had a chance to read this post you will know that everyone in our family had a nasty cold back around Christmas time.  Over the holiday's we went to NY to visit my In-laws and the trip landed Bear on antibiotics with an ear infection.  Well...  He doesn't respond that great to antibiotics, he tends to get a little case on the poops and when he has to go, it comes on fast.  So here we are driving down I-95 and I hear "mommy, I have to poop", we were within a mile of a rest area.  THANK GOODNESS but we also realized that Bear takes all of his clothes off when he poops (this might pose a problem in Kindergarten).  Hubs and I really didn't want to take him into a rest area bathroom and when we parked he looked at me and said "it's coming" I grabbed my "Ziploc garbage bag" and placed it in the bucket and he just got his pants down and the tush meet the slip of the bucket.  It was interesting awful!  So the bucket was used as well as the wipes and napkins.  Judge if you will, but we put the nasty double bagged poop in a trash can at the gas station.  I felt that it was the = to a dirty diaper. 
I can't believe I am going to go here, but I am.  I also have had to use a tampon in the car.  It was NOT to stop a nose bleed either.  Remember that long commute I referred to earlier.  After I stopped nursing P-nut my cycles were off.  It started one morning on my commute and there was no place for me to stop to go into a bathroom and it was so bad that I couldn't wait.  I would have had to go home because it was that bad. 

This weekend with the beautiful weather I am going to transform my car.  It needs the winter gunk to be gone.  The inside needs a vacuuming and a good cleaning.  I will also re-organize the "car essentials" that I keep, because, you never know what your going to need and when! 

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