Friday, March 25, 2011


If I had that WARNING WARNING voice from Whale Wars I would have that playing.  Because this post might come out as a little vent session.
Not sure what happened to me on Wed. night but I threw up.  It wasn't fun.  I think it was something I ate because when I got up on Thursday I had that odd tummy feeling, but was fine otherwise.  Oh except I came home from work not having eaten all day and ate a few brownies washed it down with a milkshake.  So much for eating right!  I fell off the wagon.
My co-worker is out today, he got a random sub.  R-A-N-D-O-M  When this happens I feel like I have a house guest that I don't know to feel and I have to stretch my brain to entertain them.  Honestly.  I don't have the brain power to do this on a Friday.
My kiddos were doing forward rolls during their well checks on Thursday.  Yes, in the middle of the Dr.'s office my children decided to display their gymnastics skills.  (I swear that office must think I have no control over my kids)
I never thought that I would hear this from a child, but I had a child who swallowed a rock today.  (I think it was a pebble)  I don't know how that happened, truthfully I didn't want to know.  In my defense it happened over a half and hour before they came to my class so!     
The weather is cold again, not chilly, COLD.  I am over it.  I need my flip flops and I need to be able to run in warmer weather.
Oh and the "sub" from earlier jumped as a pulled out a knife to cut a lemon for my tea, I guess I am not being a good hostess since I scared them, but really, did they think I was going to knife them?
Oh yeah, who swallows a rock?


  1. I had a student once (high school) who came into class telling me she had swallowed a watch battery in the previous class. Why? Someone had bet her ten dollars. (Her mom had to come get her and take her for an x-ray since they can leak.....or something.)

  2. My cousin swallowed a needle when we were little. We got in trouble for letting her. were we supposed to stop her? She picked it up and down the hatch! Kids will put anything in their mouths!