Monday, November 15, 2010

It Doesn't Matter If You Win or Loose As Long As...


In the true fashion (no pun intended) of my college roomie/BFF I got an email from her today telling me she almost bought WVU Sports Bras for the Iron Girl.  I talked her into doing Iron Girl Columbia with me in August 2011.  In my defense it didn't take too much to talk her into it so please don't think I am a bad friend.  Yes, BFF come with me and my sister for a FUN day of swimming .65 miles (open water), bike 17.5 miles (of hills), and the run a 5.5K.  It will be great!
Seriously it is an awesome experience!
Anyhow, so in her true colors she is thinking about what she will be wearing in a race that is about 9 months away.  I love it, now she has me thinking about what I will be wearing.  You know "it doesn't matter if you win or loose as long as you look good".  So yeah I need to plan my outfit. 

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