Monday, November 22, 2010

My Little Man

Bear is my little man. Hubs went away hunting this weekend. While he was not going to take Bear with him he did ask (I think because he wanted to know what Bear would say) “do you want to come with me, I am going to see Poppie?”. Bear looked at him with very thoughtful eyes and replied “no, I need to stay home and take care of mommy and P-nut.” Hubs just smiled, I think he was happy that he said that instead of “no, I want to stay with mommy”, at least he felt like Bear “needed” to stay. Funny, but he is “taking care” of us. On Friday morning we came downstairs and did our normal routine, I saw Bear climbing up to the counter and asked what he was doing, he responded “well, I am getting P-nut her banana” (this is something hubs usually does). Bear pulled the coffee creamer out of the fridge for me as well. He is even sleeping on hubs side of the bed (hey, I let him sleep all night in my bed when hubs is gone, it is like a little treat for him), typically when hubs is home Bear tries to come on my side about an hour before we all get up (he is my BIG cuddle Bear), so for him to get the chance for the whole night is a HUGE deal! Of course hubs question was a loaded one, it went both ways, I think I would have been sad to hear Bear say “yeah, dad, I want to go with you”, I know that time will come, Bear loves his daddy and shadows so many of his moves but it is nice to know he feel like he needs to take care of his mommy. I have said it before and I will say it again, Bear loves to tag along with his daddy, but he loves his mommy too! He is my little man.


  1. I'm glad he was enjoying the special moments with you and that he's a cuddler!