Friday, December 17, 2010

Case of the "I am done"

I think I have a case of the "I am done", like D-O-N-E!
It started last week when my car went it for an oil change and to look at why the car would stall when Filled with gas.  I found out that night that I needed a new gas tank.  Not cheap!  Then I found out the transmission had never been flushed and the car is at almost 70,000 miles.  (I can't complain much because we made a trade with my dad, our car for his, when he got a new car, his car had 1/3 of the miles on it)  Anyhow, we were left with a nice bill when all was said and done.  I also did not have a car for 7 days, I had to rely on other to get around and juggle cars with hubs. 
I feel like we have not done anything fun with the kids for the holiday season (with the exception of Breakfast with Santa) (oh, and hubs and I did get a nice date night last Friday night, many thanks to my sister and her hubby).
We were however blessed with some snow, I love snow.  We had a two hour early closing yesterday and a two hour delay today.  Very fun!  Of course on the down side to that I had a meeting scheduled, no one told me it was canceled.  Yup, I got to work 45 minutes early... FOR NO REASON!
Oh and to top it off I feel like a cruddy mom.  I totally was so not prepared for snow for my children.
Bear has no boots and no snow pants.
P-nut has no snow gear and while she wore her little "faux sued" boots and they worked.
My little humans ran around in the snow totally unprepared, I know they didn't care but I just felt so bad.  They were soaked after playing outside.
I know that this stuff is not major, I am just in a bad mood.
Urgh!  I need this icky feeling to go away.


  1. It's certainly ok to vent and it's totally normal to be unprepared for winter! Kids grow too fast to keep up. Sorry about the car troubles!

  2. I feel you on the car front. I say a little prayer over the transmission every time I get in. (Like I know where that is.)
    Your kids won't remember the it's all good.
    I hope for you your funk is short lived!

  3. I hope you are feeling better today! I hear you on the feeling of not doing enough with the kiddos, I play that guilt constantly. Try not to be too hard on yourself...we are only human! {{{HUGS}}}