Monday, December 6, 2010

Tis the Season

So I thought I scheduled a post to go up yesterday but...  I didn't!
I wrote it, but I never scheduled it.  So it will go up after PINT tomorrow (I also will hopefully have an answer to my "issue" so I can include that in the post)!
So while I didn't get the post up yesterday I will still stick to my 25 posts till Christmas.

Tis the season for plays and pageants. 
This year Bear has two. 
One at preschool, that I am a little confused about, he told me he was being Joseph's father...  I don't know if he meant that he is Joseph, Jesus's father or, I don't even know.  I am sure either way it will be great and cute as all things pre school are!
Then there is the pageant at Church.  Bear is a shepherd, there are four shepherds.  Ages: 2,3,4,5...
They each have a speaking part.  The "director" couldn't understand why the kids didn't know their lines... Uh, they can't read?
Who makes all the shepherd under the age of 5?
We had practice on Sat. afternoon.  It was 2 hours long, 1 hour too long for my kid.  2 hours too long for me and P-nut.  I chased her around the room the whole time
Then I was asked if I would play the"mom" in the pagent and if hubs would be the "dad".
Of course I am the woman who can't say no if asked in person to do something, so now I am the "mom".
Of course P-nut can be in the pageant as well, since the whole Church knows she would only sit with someone in my immediate family because she is picky.
So practice goes on and after an hour Bear was done.  He started shadow boxing with another one of the shepherds, then they had snack, when they began working on the songs Bear couldn't contain himself.
Well...  The piano player stood up and out of all the kids who were running around (as Bear was doing) she singled out Bear and yelled at him.
In my best passive aggressive voice I walked over to Bear and grabbed him by the hand and said nice and loud;
"don't worry Bear, I am done too, you don't have to practice anymore"
Here is the thing, I don't have an issue with someone telling my child when they are acting inappropriate, heck I was trying to get him to stop running (he was only running for about 20 seconds), but what I do have a problem with is the tone in which you talk to my child and singling him out. 
I understand that organizing music for a pageant is time consuming, but when dealing with young kids there is a manner in which you need to talk to them, in order for them to respond to you (in a positive way).
Here was the kicker, when I saw the "person" yesterday at Church, I was walking around holding P-nut's hand, she walked by and said "wow, they don't stop moving", I looked at her and said "they are toddlers, that is what they do".  Then I walked away!

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  1. Oh,that would make me mad! You have to look to see how old the kids are!