Friday, December 3, 2010

Dear Santa: Love, Go Mommy

Day 3!!!
(I am planning 25 posts, 1 a day, until Christmas)
Today I am sharing my "wish" list for Christmas
and to all my bloggy friends who celebrate Hanukkah,
Happy Hanukkah!

Dear Santa,
In addition to health and happiness for me and my family for the coming year, if you could, here are some items I would love to see under the tree.

Via One More Mile
as well as
"Does this shirt make my butt look fast?"
"Will run for WINE"
(they have some great shirts)

An "eReader" NOOK color
(my husband is in full support, it will help with the space issue on our bookshelf)

Kickbooty pants Via Athleta (anything that says it will help your backside look good, I am for it)

Go Mommy

What is on your wishlist???


  1. I might need a pair of those pants! They make your backside look good??? awesome! (I'm your newest follower and love your blog.)

  2. Those pants look fabulous! I want a pair now. :)