Sunday, December 12, 2010

I Have...

I know, I have know this for a while and no one needs to remind me.
So I have been having this annoying stupid pain in the ball/big toe region of my right foot since August.  It started about 2 weeks before Iron Girl.  I didn't go to the Dr. because I didn't want them to tell me not to do the race.  That was so NOT an option.  I thought after the race it would get a little better since I would cut back on running since I was training since the school year was starting and that would leave me a lot less time to do what I love.
Well, it didn't get any better.  So finally I went to the Dr.  I went to the same ortho that Bear goes to (yes, my 3.5 year old has an ortho), it is also the same practice that my sister had her knee surgery with.  Dr. Phill (that is not his real name, for some reason that is what Bear calls him) walks into the exam room and looks at me with a giggle.  (I think nothing of this because I am the women who almost peed her pants when he wheeled her son out of an OR in a hip spica cast)  So he says "Ms. Go Mommy, why are you here?  I don't see middle aged people ever!"  (really? you are an ortho, I know plenty of middle aged people who go to you all because our bodies are starting to fall apart and NONE of us can admit that we are no longer in our 20's).  I tell him about my issue.  He exams my foot, we share a few laughs about random things, talk a little about Tri's and he tells me he thinks I have "Sesamoiditis".  Nothing showed on the x-ray so he ordered an MRI. 
So I had my MRI the other night.  It was my first, I am an MRI virgin.  So I got to the hospital, get to radiology, thankfully did not need to change, laid down, was given ear plugs, told it would take about 30 minutes and to try to relax.  The young man said that if I spoke he could hear me so just shout if I had a problem.  So the MRI begins and all I keep thinking is, "if he can hear me, then if I fart will he know?", then I start laughing and realize my body is moving, which I try to stop laughing which only make me laugh harder.  Seriously!  WTH?  Then my mind starts racing.  I am in the room, strapped to a table with ear plugs in, what if someone comes in and takes my key to my locker, what if someone comes in a tries to smother me with a pillow...  Again, I have issues, this makes me start to laugh again because I am being stupid thinking of these things!
Then, it happens, I hear a soft voice next to my ear (I almost jumped out of my skin I almost crapped my pants), "Go Mommy, your MRI is over".  "I never had someone fall asleep during an MRI", I look at him with my sleepy eyes and all that came out was "I have small children, I sleep when I can".  Honestly?!  During an MRI, who does that?  I wanted to ask him if I could stay 20 more minutes...

So Tuesday was my follow up.  Dr. Phill walks in and says "Ms. Go Mommy, you have OCD", I look at him and say "tell me something I don't know...".  Turns out I have OCD, not "OCD= Obsessive Compulsive Disorder" (which runs in the family) but Osteochndritis Dissecans; basically it is a disorder of the centers of the bone, there is a tiny hold in the cartilage and fluid has filled my bone making it painful.  What is the fix?  Surgery, fun times.  However, since I can deal with the pain right now we are reassessing in 6 months.  I can still run, exercise, all those fun things.  I just need to know my triggers for intense pain and with deal with the pain, avoid the trigger, or take some ibuprophin before the "trigger" activity (like wearing heels).

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