Monday, December 20, 2010

Good and Bad (all at the same time?)

Ever since my sister and I were little  was in college and I was in high school we would talk about wanting to live near each other.  We talked about how close our kids would be and that we would run together.  Life would be great!
Well, we do live near each other and our kids are close (sometimes I think Bear would rather live at her house) and we run together (sometimes).  My sister had knee surgery this past summer so the fall took us to riding together.  It was fun but, hard to talk to each other while riding.
She has started to run again but, with the weather being colder and the night starting at noon 5pm it is already dark.  It is hard for us to get together to run.  Especially since it is hard for me to make my kiddos freeze in the jogging stroller while I run in the winter (that is a whole other post right there).
Yesterday we decided to run together!  *cheers*
I had so much fun running with her.
The run however SUCKED
I had P-nut with me and some of the sidewalks were still snow covered.
It wasn't fun.
I was pushing P-nut (she was laughing the while time) in the jogger up hills, sliding in the snow.  My feet got cold.  I felt bad because my sister was running outside because I wanted to run with her and I was so afraid that she would slide and mess up her knee.
Maybe it was just the fact that I had a bad run because of the left over alcohol tummy I had from the night before
was it the pain the was shooting up my right leg
was it the hodge-podge of food I ate at the Church luncheon that was repeating on me.
I guess I walked away from the run glad it was over but,

I was so excited because it was fun to run with my sister!

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