Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pour Your Heart Out: My Boy

It is Wed. and that means it is time to Pour Your Heart Out with Shell at "Things I Can't Say".

(I started to write this back in October, it started a much different way, crazy how much change happens in 2 months it wasn't even about the same idea, it was about my boy though)
Bear; my boy, my oldest child but, he will always be my little boy no matter how big he gets.  I was nervous to have a boy.  BOY was I nervous.  This little man I have has taught me a lot.  He would rather me stay home with him everyday.  I know that and it breaks my heart to walk out the door in the morning.  I remind myself I work to give my children a great life.  He hides things of mine in the mornings, things he knows I need for work (smart kid).  He recently told us about his friend, his friend is the type of friend that no one else can see.  His friend is nice, I was told last week that his friend thinks I am pretty (this is the kinda' friend I like) but it got me thinking...  If I was at home, would this friend have come around.  Did this friend appear because my Bear doesn't get enough attention.  I know, I know, imaginary friends are a part of a pre-school child's life.  A lot of kids have them.  I don't know why I think something is wrong because he has one. 
But I do.
I don't know why.
I don't think it is bad.
I know a lot of friends who's children have imaginary friends.
So why am I thinking that it is because of something I am doing or not doing?


  1. I have known non-professional moms whose kids have had imaginary friends too.
    Enjoy the friend who thinks you are pretty while you can....too soon they grow up and get friends who eat all your food!

  2. I think it's totally fine and very common. A built-in at-the-ready playmate is great!

  3. My 3 year old has an imaginary cat, several imaginary puppies and an imaginary dragon. I am a stay at home mom, and if imaginary friends mean I am doing something wrong, then I must be doing it very wrong X 4 lol. My pediatrician said that children are usually very very smart if they have imaginary friends and that it is perfectly normal. Don't worry.

  4. Definitely normal- but us moms blame ourselves for everything.

  5. It's so easy to think something our own kids are doing is not normal or weird. I've learned to shut those voices up. Kids don't fit into a neat package.