Friday, October 22, 2010

Aloha Friday: Are you in the clique?

TGIF!  I am linking up again with An Island Life for Aloha Friday.

Back in high school I was not one of the "popular" people.  I was happy with my little group of friends.  I knew a lot of people and was friendly with them, but they were not my "will do ANYTHING for you friends", the one's you know are with you through it all.  In college I had my sorority friends, my friends in my major, my friends from ski team, and then my friends who I met freshman year.  Again, I knew a lot of people and hung out with everyone.  College went on and again I always felt most secure with my little close group.  As a wife and mom now I find that I yet again, I know a lot of people, but I have my few friends who I know are there through it all.  Most of them are like me, we have similar interests and I can be myself around.  I think this is my problem.  There are very few people in this world who I feel I can be myself around.  (Maybe that is why I started blogging, if you like me, read what I write, if not I never know about it.)  I don't like being judged  I don't like feeling that I am being judged, but does anyone?  I often feel that when I meet new people, I feel like I am being judged.  It might be in my head but...  
I think I have always felt this way even back in high school.  While I have heard that people think that I am a confident person I don't believe this to be the case when I comes to social situations that are new to me.  I tend to be fine by myself.  Like yesterday, Bear had a field trip.  We caught up with some of the kids from his class and he had a ball.  The moms were very nice and I am not saying that they were judging me, they may have or they may not.  I just felt out of the clique.  As I was driving home I was thinking about it, there are cliques that exist outside of middle school and high school, does it just naturally happen?  I see it in my parents neighborhood, where I work, etc. 
So my question: Are cliques the natural course that life takes or do we just stick with what we know from high school?   


  1. Cliques have such a negative connotation in my mind because I always associate them with groups who practice some type of exclusivity based on their own personal judgments.

    I always thought people would grow out of them, but I've seen them in the real world too.

    I am not a cliquey type person at all. I tend to be friends with everyone!

  2. I wasn't in a clique really, I had my group of friends, but I wasn't a person who thought I was better than anyone else and I really just wanted to get a long with everyone.

    I am friends with people today that in high school I don't think would have talked to me...

  3. No never have been. they just do not want me in them,lol.
    My aloha Friday link for you

  4. I think it just seems to be natural for some stupid reason. But the more I think of it, the kids in my son's preschool don't clique up...but you do see it as early as Elementary school. Very interesting question.

    If you really pay attention, you will even see them in the blogging world.