Monday, October 18, 2010

Manic Monday

Shh, I am running the flu shot clinic at work so I have a few minutes right now...
Every time I started to write a blog post this weekend I got side tracked by something.  Saturday I started to write about how I was looking forward to my evening on the couch with the hubby since the two nights before that I was out.  How I really needed it because I felt like I was back in college and my morning workout was terrible because I felt so sick from the jello shooters the night before.  (We had couples bunko, we do it twice a year, the guys love it)  Of course while I was writing the post we had a first in our home...  Bear and P-nut were taking a bath, Bear is playing and looks at me and says "mommy what is that?", M: "Oh, my, it is poop!".  B: "who pooped?" M: "um, well, if it wasn't you, who could it have been?" B: "ahah, P-nut pooped in the tub".  I get them out and tell Bear to go to my bathroom and he will shower, at that point P-nut starts to chase Bear thinking it is funny that Bear is running around saying "ah, poop girl is going to get me".  Fun times, fun times.
Now it is Monday and I feel like the weekend had flown by and I have nothing to show for it well except for my body needing to be detoxed!
Happy start to the week! 


  1. I can't blog on weekends- too crazy!

  2. I can honestly say I've never had to deal with poop in the tub. Sounds funny!

    I need to get my lazy bum into a better work out routine. I've got every excuse in the book lately. :(