Monday, October 4, 2010


Not sure if that is how you would spell that but...  I have been out of touch since Friday afternoon when my laptop "blue screened" and gave me the kiss of death!  Leaving me without my beloved laptop (sorry I have not responded to comments) until this morning.  Turns out my computer did not "fully" crash, whatever that means...  It did however get de-crapped, I am aware that this is not the technical term for it, but it is however the term that was told to me "It is fine now, we de-crapped it".  O-k, sure...   I didn't realize that you could de-crap something but I'll go with that, it is fine now and working like it is new, oh wait it is new!  So I was thinking...  My computer has an issue and desides to stop working and then it gets de-crapped and is better... 
Can I be "de-crapped"?  
I wish someone would take all the yuck in me and de-crap me. Like the pepperoni pizza I ate for lunch yesterday, the fact that I am having feelings of being an inadequate mom for working full time out of the home, or that I have realized that I have issues, I need to relax, realize that Bear is 3.5 years old and is not playing for a Major League Soccer Team (more on that later)!

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