Wednesday, October 6, 2010

That Kid

I went to Bear's Preschool Back to School Time today (okay yesterday, I was working on this and didn't finish) and something that happened while I was there was a perfect tie into something I have been planning on posting.  Little background for you; Bear is a wild child, a little love bug, perfect gentleman, and future President of Animal House all in one.  I kid not friends!  One minute he will tell me "mommy, you are beautiful" and then the next he will drop his pants in the middle of his sisters birthday party and pee (we were in the backyard) and see how high of an angle he can get his pee to go.  OH YES HE DID!  He and his cousin also tried to turn himself into a mummy with toilet paper and tacky glue!  So my child is no little angel, he is however MY little man who I would wouldn't trade for the world.
Anyhow, today as I am leaving I hear a father talking to the teacher "you know my daughter keeps telling me that a little boy in her class is pushing her and steps on her fingers, she doesn't know the little boys name".  I automatically think it is Bear and I question him about it as soon as we step out the door.  He tells me that he never stepped on any one's fingers and the only girl he pushes is P-nut.  OK with that answer I believe him!
I am so that mom who thinks that my son in the cause of the problem a.k.a. "That Kid".  He is not a "bad" boy, he is an "imaginative" boy.  I say this because he is not mean, I truly believe that, he is just not that mean kid.  He is just a crazy kid.  Someone once told me that boys and girls are different in the following way; girls look at something and say "I could get hurt doing that so I will not try it" and boys look at the same thing and will say "I am going to get hurt doing that, but it is going to be FUN".  I think it is so true!  (I am sure there are some girls out there who have the view of the boys and some boys who are not that daring) 
People I work with always tell me that it is good that I am aware that my child is no angel (especially since we come across many parents who feel their child does no wrong), of course there are some people who just don't believe me when I tell them just how my son is (I guess they have only seen that sweet, well behaved side).  Then they witness his fun loving manner and look at me and say "wow, you do have your hands full".  Don't get me wrong there are plenty of times that I wish Bear would be calm and not make a spectacle out of a trip to Target, but at the same time, life would not nearly be as "fun" as it is without his little antics, call me crazy!

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  1. I don't think my boys even see the potential to be hurt- they just see the fun.