Friday, October 15, 2010

Aloha Friday

It's Aloha Friday time.  Go over and check out An Island Life to link up.

My question:
When you need one, do you call a Babysitter or call on a Family member?

Last night I had a babysitter!  First time for us, crazy I know.  We are fortunate enough that my parents and my sister (and hubby) live just around the corner so when Hubs and I would like an evening out we can call on one of the powers that be living so close.  Last night however we had a "situation" (sorry I have been watching the Jersey Shore, don't judge me).  Hubs had class and I wanted to go to Girls Night Out at a local winery, with my sister.  So of course my sister couldn't watch my kids and my mom was going to her own happy hour.  So...  I called on a sitter.  The young lady I asked to watch the kids is somewhat of a family member but it was a little new to Bear.  He has been introduced to her before but didn't remember her (we don't see them all that often).  He was a little shy, P-nut warmed right up to her and I knew they were in good hands.  It was still crazy how I felt as I drove away.  Up until last night they have not been with anyone other than my immediate family (in-laws as well). 
Last night was great though.  I loved it!  Three girls, some wine, and good conversation!  It was so needed especially since I had a run in with the wicked witch of the west!


  1. I call a babysitter, none of our family live near us

  2. We do not have family close by and I have not yet used a babysitter...well I did ask a friend's daughter to babysit once. they offered to take our kids :) So I guess that counts.

  3. Yes, we have a friends older daughter babysit when family members can't.