Monday, October 25, 2010

Making Changes

Today was great! (I started this last night and then got wrapped up in a movie)  Wow, I can finally say that all parts of my day were GREAT (well, minus the 10 minutes that Bear cried for on my run this AM).  I started the day by taking Bear to Church, Hubs stayed with P-nut and I got to sit in Family Forum and talk with other parents about raising children in the Christian Faith.  I am not sure if that was what helped my day, but I don't think so since this was the second week on the topic and nothing inside me changed last week... 
Actually, I know what it is.  I am so over the "stuff" that has been going on at work lately.  When I think about it, I am actually annoyed at myself that I let someone get in my head that bad.  Honestly, this person has got in my head so badly that it has affected my life outside of work.  I am over it, I will go to work, do my job and leave it there when I walk out the door.  Saying that and actually doing it helped this weekend.  (also there is a light at the end of the tunnel)
I worked out both days this weekend and have come up with a schedule with hubs so that he has his J.J. days and I have my cardio workout days.  On the days he goes to J.J. I will use those as my strength training days and since I do my strength training in the bathroom while the kids are in the tub I think I will have a well rounded schedule.  Hubs and I have also vowed to change the dinner routine at home.  We used to sit down as a family and eat, since the start of school life has taken over and it is one area that we have let go.  Hubs is out and I take advantage of the kids being occupied with something and I do house work (SO BAD!!!) and when hubs is at home and we sit, we have been eating in the kitchen and there are WAY to many distractions around.  So last night, we went back to eating in the dinning room and it was GREAT.  Bear talked his little head off about the day, telling us about his favorite parts of the day, hubs and I talked while P-nut just sat, ate, and looked at the fish totally happy with what she was doing!
I realize that sitting down as a family is way to important to let the everyday "tasks" get in the way of it.  So this week, that is my focus, that and letting work and the thought of it stay out of my home.      

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